2017 China International Artificial Joints Conference (CAJC-CHINA)

April 21-22, 2017  Shanghai


About the Conference:

Currently, the global demand for artificial joints grows rapidly. The annual consumption of artificial joints in the USA is more that one million units. The output value is over 10 billion USD. 

 It is estimated that the potential demand for the artificial joints in China is over 3 million units. In 2014, the actual consumption is more than 400 thousands units, and it still maintains an average   growth of 15% -20% every year. There is huge market potential in China.

What is disproportionate with this huge market potential is the weakness in the basic reaearch and manufacturing of artificial joints in China. In some areas, it is totally blank. There is a great distance compared with foreign counties in the artificial joint design, raw materials development, biomechanical testing, surface treatment technology, etc. And also there is a lack of exact related data needed for the design of artificial joints. 


In order to promote the complementary cooperation, home and aboard, among the businesses, universities, research institutes, clinical hospitals, to research and produce more high standard and high quality artificial joints in line with the characteristics of Chinese people, with the arrpoval Ministry of Health Department, hosted by the Shanghai Guang Mao Exhibition Services Inc., the Chinese orthopedic implant industry alliance, the Chinese Orthopedic Implant Industry Community website, the 2017 China International Artificial Joints Conference will be hosted on April 21-22, 2017 in Shanghai China. 


This conference will invite about 500 delegates from domestic and foreign well-known artificial joints enterprises, orthopedic hostipials,research institutes/universities, artificial joints manufacturing related equpiment producers, contract manufacturers,investment and financing institutions. The conference has several tea breaks, panel discussions and other forms of activities for the networking and discussion for participants. The conference also set an artificial joint industry exhibition area, exhibiting and exchanging the latest international artificial joint industry technology, promoting the global cooperation in the artificial joints industry .


All together there are six forums, they are:


Forum 1: basic raw material research and development of artificial joints

Forum 2: artificial joint design and optimization

Forum 3: artificial joint preparation and processing technology

Forum 4: artificial joint surface treatment

Forum 5: 3D printing and artificial joints

Forum 6: artificial joint investment and financing


2017 China International Artificial Joints Conference welcome your participation!

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Important Date

Conference Date: 2017-4-21~23


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